Starting May 2023!


A comprehensive Program

Zidni Islamic Institute is happy to announce that coming soon, by Allah’s leave, it will be
offering a new academic program designed to help western students of knowledge studying in
Islamic universities overseas, and/or students knowledge studying classically. The main books
taught at Islamic universities around the world and their abridgments will be explained in a
simple and easy to understand manner.

Online portal access

Our classes will be taught and made available and livestreamed online through ZidniACCESS. This will make attending class a lot easier.


Classes will be taught live, and students will have access to the recordings. Texts will be divided into separate courses so that students have the option of study books in full or only desired chapters.

This first round of the program will be on-going for roughly two years. It will start after Ramadan 2023.

Each course will be a different day of the week. The exact schedules will be announced after registration has closed.


$80/month for access to all the courses in this program on Zidni student portal


Limited financial aid is available for those who need it and cannot afford the ongoing tuition. You can request an application by emailing admissions.


Exams will be provided for those wishing to receive a certificate of completion. Ijazah will possibly be given to exceptional students.


Dr. Mohammed Najib, Dr. Tahir Wyatt, Sh. Joe Bradford, Dr. Sajid Umar, Dr. Ahmed Khater, ShYousef Hussin, Dr. Nabeel Sheikh, Sh. Abdullah Moataz, Sh. Abdullah Smith, Sh. AbdurRaheem McCarthy, Sh. Navaid Aziz and others

Initial Texts Taught:

Etiquettes of Seeker Knowledge Text: “Hilyat Talib al-Ilm

Aqeedah Texts: “Sullam al-Wusul” 

 Fiqh Text: “Bidayat al-‘Abid,” “Zad al-Mustaqni‘ ,” “al-Rahabiyyah

 Hadith Texts: “Ilham al-Mughith,” “al-Arba’un Fi al-Ahkam,” “Kitab al-Eman” From Saheeh Muslim, “Kitab al-Riqaq” from Sahih al-Bukhari, “al-Shama’il” 

 Usul al-Fiqh Texts: “Majma‘ al-Usul,” “Mukhtasar al-Rawdah

 Qur’anic Studies Texts: “Muqaddimat Ibn Juzayy,” “Tuhfat al-Atfal

 Nahw and Sarf Texts: “al-Ajurumiyyah,” “Matn al-Bina,” “Qatr al-Nada”