Dr. Mohamed Najeeb has a Bachelors degree in Sharia (Islamic Law) from the esteemed Islamic University of Medinah.  He also has a Masters and PhD from the College of Quran in the same University. His PhD thesis was on the application of Nahw and Sarf rules upon the variant Qira’at readings.


Ijazat in the 10 modes of recitation from Sh. Ihab Fikri, Muqri’ in the Prophet’s Masjid, in both the 10 Qira’at from the way of Ash-Shatibiyya and Ad-Durra, and also from the way of At-Tayyiba (Sughra and Kubra).

He also has an ijaza in the 7 Qira’at from Sh. Mohamed Yunus al-Ghalban, considered the  highest isnad in the world.  He has also studied with many top scholars in Saudi Arabia

Dr. Mohammed has taught Qira’at and Quranic sciences in the Islamic University of Medinah, and was previously an instructor in the Quran Academy, Sharjah, UAE.  He is currently an Imam in Sacramento, CA.

Student Qualifications

The ideal student for this program will have a strong memorization of the entire Quran and is seeking Ijaza.

Program tracks

Programs include:

-Seeking Ijaza in Hafs ‘an Asim.

-Seeking Ijaza in other riwayah

-Seeking Ijaza in multiple qira’at (Memorization of Shatibiyyah required)

-Learning the 10 Qira’at

If you are interested in other programs, such as memorizing the mutoon of Qira’at, please let us know below.

Program length

The average time to finish reading the Quran and recieve an Ijaza is 6-8 months, with roughly 2 classes per week. This may differ with every student.


The tuition will be roughly $150 per month, for two classes weekly (30 minutes per class). Tuition may vary according to program. 

Interested in Joining?

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