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Zidni Islamic Institute aims to offer a smooth and excellent experience for all students of its various programs.  To that end, students are expected to follow the policies listed below, as well as maintain Islamic manners and standards of etiquette.  Failure to do so may result in students being removed from classes without a refund.  May Allah accept your efforts in Islamic education and facilitate your journey on the path of knowledge, ameen!


Students must provide full and accurate information in order to register.  (That is, information provided by the student must match information on a government-issued ID.)  Additionally, while contact information in general may be shared between students, email addresses must be unique to each student.  Anyone attending a Zidni Institute class must be registered for it.  If the class requires tuition or a registration fee, they must be paid in full for the registration to be considered complete.

Privacy Policy

Zidni Islamic Institute does not store financial details (that is, credit or debit card information) directly for online payments.  The Institute also does not sell or otherwise share information about students except when compelled to by law.

Age Limit

Though the Muslims are encouraged to seek knowledge from a young age, in order to achieve some parity between students, Zidni Islamic Institute requires students to be at least 14 years of age at the time of each class that they attend.

Refund Policy

Should a student find themselves unable to attend a class for which they have already paid, they must request a refund no later than the date of the class in question.  The full amount will be returned, less a $10 administrative fee.  Exceptions will be made for exceptional circumstances.