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A comprehensive Program

The “One Year Program” in the Islamic sciences is an introductory program that covers one basic classical text in the main Islamic sciences. This program is based upon the traditional methodology of study used in the Islamic world for centuries, which is to study a basic, abridged text in every science before moving on to the second level texts in each science, and so on, until once has achieved mastery of the science. The texts taught in this program have been taught all over the Islamic world for centuries and continue to be taught today. Exceptional students will receive ijāzah to narrate the text with a connected chain back to the author upon successful completion of an examination. This program is suitable for those who wish to continue their studies in the more advanced programs, as well as for those who only desire the basics of the most important sciences of Islam.

Classes tought onsite and/or Online

Our classes will be taught onsite at Masjid Annur – Sacramento, Adult Education Room.  This will allow us to give each student direct attention from out instructor. Other locations may be arranged.

Online portal access

Our classes will be made available and livestreamed online through ZidniEDU. This will make attending class a lot easier if one is unable to attend onsite.


Classes will be from two hours after fajr prayer until ʿishāʾ prayer, with hourly breaks. Refreshments will be provided, but students should plan on bringing their own meals. Extra hours will be added if needed. Exact times for start of class will be sent out weekly as the time for prayer will continue to change. The year-long program consists of three terms, with breaks for Ramadan, summer, Hajj, and the like.


Tuition for the entire one-year program is $2400. Each term $800 is due by the exam date of the first text.

*If students pay the tuition for the whole year upfront, there will be a $600 scholarship provided to discount the tuition to a total of $1800.

*If students pay the tuition for the whole quarter term upfront, there will be a $100 scholarship provided to discount the tuition to a total of $700.

Payments can be made here:


Students are also offered the opportunity to enroll into an installment plan of 4 monthly payments of $200. However, the student must sign a contract to get enrolled into this plan.


Limited financial aid is available for those who need additional financial aid beyond what is already offered. You can request an application by emailing admissions.


After every class there are written and oral exams for that text that must be completed. The exams will be done via our online portal. Students can take the written exam anytime they want before the next class. Students will be made to sign pledges of honesty stating that they did not work with anyone on the exams and did not use any materials. Students will be given the time for their oral exams. These exams are comprehensive; students are responsible for all information in the text, mentioned in lecture, and mentioned in homework videos. Students must pass all exams to get their diploma. Exceptional students will be granted ʾijāzat. To re-take any exam you must get permission from your instructor and the administration. There will be a final exam at the end of the year to test understanding and memorization for all texts.


Students are required to prepare for each class by listening to the explanation of the text found on our online portal, work on memorizing the text, and work on translating the text.

Texts taught

A Each text is taught by a qualified instructor who specializes in it’s field.

1-     Fiqh (Jurisprudence): “Bidāyat al-ʿĀbid” or Equivalent

2-     Muṣṭalaḥ al-Ḥadīth (Prophetic Tradition Nomenclature): “Nukhbat al-Fikar”

3-     ʿAqīdah (Creed): “al-ʾUṣūl al-Thalāthah”

4-     Farāʾiḍ (Inheritance Laws): “al-Raḥabiyyah”

5-     ʾUṣūl al-Fiqh (Legal Theory): “al-Waraqāt”

6-     Naḥu (Grammar): “al-ʾAjrūmiyyah”

7-     ʾUṣūl al-Tafsīr (Principles of Exegesis): “Muqaddimah Fī ʾUṣūl al-Tafsīr”

8-     Balāghah (Rhetoric): “Miʾat al-Maʿānī Wa al-Bayān”

9-     Ṣarf (Morphology): “Matn al-Bināʾ”

10-  Tajwīd (Qur’anic Recitation): “Tuḥfat al-ʾAṭfāl”

11-  Sīrah (Prophetic Biography): “al-Mīʾiyyah”

12-  Manṭiq (Logic): “al-Sullam al-Munawraq”

13-  Ḥadīth (Prophetic Tradition)“al-ʾArbaʿīn al-Nawawiyyah”

14-  Qawāʿid Fiqhiyyah (Legal Maxims)- “Manẓūmat al-Qawāʿid al-Fiqhiyyah”

15-  ʿUlūm al-Qurʾān (Qur’anic Sciences)- “al-ZamZamī”

16-  Tarīkh (History)- “ʾItmām al-Wafāʾ Fī Sīrat al-Khulafāʾ”

17-  Tazkiyah (Purification of the Self)- “al-ʿUbūdiyyah”

18-  Tafsīr (Exegesis) -Juzʾ ʿAmma from “Tafsīr al-Jalalayn”

19-  Qurʾān Memorization- 5 ʾAjzāʾ


Our Faculty

Alhamdulillah, our One-Year Program is taught by well qualified instructors trained in vast fields of Islamic sciences and scholarship. Check out our instructors!