Mission, Vision, and Values

“Zidni” in Arabic is an imperative verb which means “increase me.” We took our name from the Qur’anic verse “and say ‘My Lord increase me (zidni) in knowledge’” (20:114). There was nothing that Allah the All-Mighty ordered His prophet, peace be upon him, to ask His Lord to increase him in something except knowledge. From this we learn the importance of sacred knowledge and the virtue of seeking it. 

    Zidni Islamic Institute is a non-profit organization that teaches the Islamic Sciences according to the methodology of orthodox Sunni Islam, Ahl al-Sunnah Wa al-Jamāʿah. Zidni Islamic Institute aims to provide classical Islamic training that can only be found in prestigious Islamic universities of the Muslim majority countries, like the Islamic University of Medinah and Al-Azhar University in Egypt. The instructors are qualified teachers who have been granted licenses to teach and narrate the Sciences of Islam with connected chains of narration. The texts studied are the classical works that have been taught throughout Islamic history and are taught today in Islamic Universities around the world. Students will not only be able to study these texts with instructors residing in the West but also with leading scholars from established and prestigious Islamic Universities of Muslim majority countries. Zidni Islamic Institute hopes to play a major role in the production of Islamic scholarship suitable for the West.