Essentials program


This Farḍ ʿAyn program covers some of the basic information that is obligatory upon every Muslim to learn to correctly know and worship their Lord. This is designed for laymen Muslims who are not necessarily interested in becoming students of knowledge but just want to know that which is required to know. The following are the subjects covered:



    Aqīdah (Creed)- “Al-ʾUṣūl Al-Thalāthah” by Moḥammad ʾIbn ʿAbd Al-Wahhāb
    Fiqh (Jurisprudence)- “Bidāyat Al-ʿĀbid Wa Kifāyat Al-Zāhid” by ʿAbd Al-Raḥmān ʾIbn ʿAbdallah Al-Baʿlī in Ḥanbalī fiqh or “Safīnat Al-Najāh” by Sālim ʾIbn Samīr Al-Ḥaḍramī in Shāfiʿī fiqh.
    Tajwīd (Qur’anic Recitation)- “Tuḥfat Al-ʾAṭfāl” by Sulaymān Al-Jamzūrī
    Tafsīr of Juzʾ ʿAmmah (Exegesis of the 30th Chapter of the Qur’ān)- “Taysīr Al-Karīm Al-Raḥmān Fī Tafsīr Kalām Al-Mannān” by ʿAbd Al-Raḥmān Al-Saʿdī
    Arabic- “Lessons in Arabic language” by V. ‘Abdur-Raheem