One of the most important reasons why Zidni Islamic Institute was established is because we find that today students of knowledge are lost and confused in terms of how to seek sacred knowledge. The vast majority of students when they first begin seeking knowledge they waste an unbelievable amount of time asking, searching, comparing, and switching academic programs. They jump from one book to another and from one teacher to another without actually finishing a single text. This is the reason that most students who embark upon the path of knowledge for years never get past the first level of knowledge and therefore eventually quit without completing their studies. We also find that students may study some subjects while completely neglecting others, or beginning with advanced texts and differences of opinions before mastering the basics of the science. This is especially true in the West, where students often cannot find qualified teachers to take them through the correct methodology of knowledge. The methodology of seeking knowledge is based upon knowing which subjects are studied by others, which texts are studied before others, and which way of explaining is given to which students.  Zidni Islamic Institute provides a step by step well rounded program guiding students from beginning to advanced levels of knowledge. It is our hope that we can fill a void that is desperately needed in Western Islamic education



Zidni Islamic Institute is a non-profit organization that teaches the Islamic Sciences according to the methodology of orthodox Sunni Islam, Ahl al-Sunnah Wa al-Jamāʿah. Zidni Islamic Institute aims to provide classical Islamic training that can only be found in prestigious Islamic universities of the Muslim majority countries, like the Islamic University of Medinah and Al-Azhar University in Egypt. The instructors are qualified teachers who have been granted licenses to teach and narrate the Sciences of Islam with connected chains of narration. The texts studied are the classical works that have been taught throughout Islamic history and are taught today in Islamic Universities around the world. Students will not only be able to study these texts with instructors residing in the West but also with leading scholars from established and prestigious Islamic Universities of Muslim majority countries. Zidni Islamic Institute hopes to play a major role in the production of Islamic scholarship suitable for the West.

 Zidni Islamic Institute is currently applying for accreditation with the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). Students who successfully complete our programs will receive the corresponding diploma/degree. Exceptional students may also test for ijazat (licenses)..

The texts taught in this program have been taught all over the Islamic world for centuries and continue to be taught today. Exceptional students will receive ijāzah to narrate the text with a connected chain back to the author upon successful completion of an examination. This program is suitable for those who wish to continue their studies in the more advanced programs, as well as for those who only desire the basics of the most important sciences of Islam.


our faculty

We are excited to offer programs taught by well qualified instructors  trained in the classical Islamic sciences. 

our location

Zidni Islamic Institute is proud to call Masjid Annur Islamic Center home!


While Zidni hopes to launch a fulltime seminary program in the future, Zidni currently offers a One Year program that introduces students to the classical Islamic sciences. The curriculum is based on classical Islamic texts taught around the Muslim world.

This program is suitable for those who wish to continue into intermediary and advance programs, as well as for those who only desire the basics of the most important sciences of Islam.