Dr. Mohammad Al-Rahawan

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Meet Our Instructor

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Dr. Mohammad Al-Rahawan

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Dr. Mohammad Al-Rahawan was born and raised in Egypt, where he studied in the Al-Azhar system from grade school until he received his B.A., M.A., and Ph.D from Al-Azhar University, specializing in Hadith sciences. He is an Associate Professor and Co-Chair of the Department of Orientalism at Taibah University in Saudi Arabia, and Associate Professor in the Department of Islamic Studies in English at Al-Azhar University, and a Professor of Islamic Studies at Mishkah University. He has received teaching liscences (ijazat) in various Islamic sciences, including in the Shaafi’i madhhab. He has authored several works in the Islamic sciences, and travels around the world teaching.


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March 20, 2019

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